We help leaders turn strategies into action with StorySelling

Use our StorySelling framework to build a culture where people are inspired to take action without people feeling like they are getting sold to.

Lead With Empathy

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Inspire Action

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You are a leader struggling to...

  • Transform a toxic culture into a collaborate space where people thrive?
  • Communicate your vision in a way that inspires people to take action?
  • Get others to quickly trust you so they want to support you?
  • Turn strangers into assets willing to support your projects?
  • Identify and resolve communication bottlenecks with your team?
  • Get your team aligned towards a common vision?

If yes, it's not your fault. Our StorySelling Framework, is designed to help you turn things around.


PES StorySelling Framework

Our unique communication mechanism to develop empathetic leaders who inspire others to strive for excellence without sacrificing their authenticity. 

Align With Purpose

Adapt your vision to make it relevant to others 

Connect With Empathy

Understand what's holding them back from what they want

Say It With Stories

Bridge the gap using the persuasive power of stories

What People Say

Roman Grochol

DHL Startup Lab

Juan's profound knowledge in state of the art storytelling and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training. 

Katharina Binder

TheVentury Elevate Accelerator

Through Juan's storytelling workshops, our startups succeed in their pursuit of funding, customers, and employees to join their team.

Use Cases

Presenting Strategies

Introducing Products

Culture Reset

Conflict Resolution

Giving Feedback

Delivering Keynotes

Doing Workshops

Writing Emails

Pitching Ideas

Vienna Pitch Training

Meet Juan, Your Trainer

I believe most of the problems in the world happen because of miscommunication. We struggle to express how we feel and when we do, the other side is not listening.

Our PES StorySelling Framework helps solve this challenge so that people can see eye to eye, get past their issues, and finally collaborate on solving the problems that truly matter.

How The Process Goes

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2. Train Your Crew

We adapt and train your people on how to use the framework successfully 

3. See Teams Transform

As people change the way they communicate, they change the way they think and feel.

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