Storytelling Skills For Entrepreneurs

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Do You Feel Like You Are...

  • Leaving people confused with your message? 
  • Not capturing your listener's attention?
  • Not able to get your point across to inspire action?
  • Getting stuck in details that sidetrack you?

If yes, it's ok. It's not your fault, you are just too close to your business to see it.

Even The Best Products IN THE WORLD

Don't Sell Themselves

We help you eliminate confusion in your message so that you can inspire customers, make an impact, and grow your business without sounding "salesy"


Process Works

The only system designed to transform your business in 3 clear steps.

1. Define Your Message

Identify the elements that will become the foundation.

2. Develop Your Story

Follow our process to create your inspiring story.

3. Deliver Your Message

Make an impact by sharing your story with the world.

About Juan.

I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs become the inspiring founders that attract customers, create interest, and move them to take action without sounding "salesy"


They Say

Roman Grochol

DHL Startup Lab

Juan's profound knowledge in state of the art pitching and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training. 

Katharina Binder

TheVentury Elevate Accelerator

Through Juan's storytelling workshops, our startups succeed in their pursuit of funding, customers, and employees to join their team.

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