Build a business that gives you the stability and freedom you want

We are building a community of expat entrepreneurs looking to turn their skills into growing business without the need for investors.

Growing a business in another country

is hard, but you don't have to do it alone

We are on a mission to bring Expatpreneurs to share their lessons, feedback, and support so that together we can accelerate the growth of our businesses and achieve the freedom and stability we envision for ourselves and our families.

We Understand Your Struggle

Connect with fellow expatpreneurs working hard to grow a business in a country different than their own

We Want To Contribute Locally

Grow a business that contributes to the country that has given you a home and space to set roots

We Are Hungry For Success

Surround yourself a motivated and accountable tribe of fellow expatpreneurs hungry to succeed


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What Is The

Skills of Life Membership?

Is a combination training, support, community, and accountability, designed to help you grow a thriving business around your skills faster.


Connect with and learn from other expat entrepreneurs.

Live Q&A

Get answers to your most pressing questions

Live Masterclasses

On topics relevant to the community


Partnering with other members for consistency

On-Demand Courses

Relevant content to solve the problem at hand.


Tools, templates, and scripts to help you stay focused.

And much more...!

The Unique Skills Of Life

Growth Method

Value and proven business strategies to transform your company and your life

Clarify Your Message

Increase sales by making it easier for customers to see value in your products

Implement Systems

Increase customer satisfaction, efficiency, and profit with a replicable system

Scale Your Business

Run your business strategically by breaking away from service delivery

What Exactly Is

Skills Of Life?

Founded by Juan Guerra, Skills of Life is a training and coaching company focused on helping service providers who are launching or growing a business in another country different from the one they grew up in.

Juan is an entrepreneur originally from Venezuela, who did university studies in the USA and has been living in Austria since 2011.

It was his struggle to grow a service based business to 6 figures, in a country different than his own that motivated him to shift his focus to help fellow Expatpreneurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Membership For?

This membership is for Expatpreneurs.

An Expatpreneur is an expat, an immigrant, a migrant, a newcomer, etc, a person who is currently legally living (either temporarily or permanently) in a country different from the one they grew up in and are trying to launch or grow a business using their expertise and skills without investors.

Is This A Paid Membership?

Yes, members will have to pay to join the membership. This way we can ensure that only those committed and determined with their growth become part of it.

What Is The Purpose Of The Membership?

The goal is to accelerate the processes of building the support networks we lack by being in a different country, allowing us grow our businesses faster. Whether by getting answers, support, accountability, and even clients.

Learn more by checking out our manifesto.

How Can I Become A Member?

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Earnings Disclaimer: as much as we would like to, we can't guarantee your results or success. The content provided is for educational purposes only and the results showcased are for illustration purposes only. They should be considered unique and exceptional to their experience, location, business, opportunity and timing.