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In today's changed world, getting people to pay attention, connect with your message, and inspiring them to take action is hard. Are you struggling to...

  • Get people interested in what you have to say?
  • Simplify your message for people to follow?
  • Get people to take action on your message?

If yes, it's not your fault. You are just too close to your message to see it.

Employer Branding Program


Inspiring Speaking Accelerator

Our signature 6-week storytelling program designed to take you from struggling to communicate your ideas to inspiring people to take action.

By combining storytelling, empathy, and purpose you will develop a 10 to 15 min inspiring keynote and in the process transform yourself and your leadership skills.

"After my talk several people came to me and told me that they were touched, which was really heart-warming for me and gave me the confidence that my talk was structured in a good way"

Sandra Noll
Frames Of Life


Through Purpose Storytelling

Accelerate your growth and ensure your long-term success.

Get Expert Feedback

Gain the clarity and certainty of knowing you are on the right path

Accelerated Growth

Go out of your comfort zone, share, and learn from multiple people

Long Term Success

Peer and accountability partners, clear on how to apply your new skills to daily life

Who Is This

Program For?


You are in a position where you need to deliver presentations often.


Learn to inspire your team improving performance and personal fulfilment.

We've coached people from these organizations and programs

"Juan's profound knowledge in state of the art pitching and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training."

Roman Grochol
DHL Startup Lab

By the end of

This Program

You'll have developed...

Empathetic Skills

Learn to quickly identify and connect with the real struggle your listener has.

Storytelling Skills

Discover how to develop and tell an engaging and persuasive story that moves the audience.

Leadership Skills

Attract people to follow you by positioning yourself as their trustworthy guide.


Understand how others perceive you so you accelerate the trust building process.

Presentation Skills

Learn to deliver insightful presentations that engage, educate, and drive change.


Know you are doing it right so that you communicate with persuasive clarity.

Comfort Zone

How Is thIS

Program Different?

Through our SEP framework, you focus on mastering the 3 pillars of attracting people and getting them to take action without feeling like they are getting sold to.

Using Storytelling, Empathy, and Purpose you'll learn to quickly build trust by delivering a message that is extremely relevant to your listener.


The Program

Combining training videos, group coaching calls, dedicated feedback, and the power of community.

Week 1 - Speakers Mindset

Overview: Prime yourself for the road ahead by making sure you set the time and space for managing the workload, but also starting to reframe your relationship with storytelling and the process of selling ideas. 

Activity: Going through the materials, adapting your weekly schedule.

Week 2 - Define Story

Overview: Learn to empathize with your audience, identifying your listener's desire and obstacles to determine the best story and call-to-action for the situation.

Activity: submit your audience's profile and selected story.

Week 3 - Develop Message

Overview: Learn to develop stories that make your audience want to take action without feeling they are getting sold to, combined with the structure for the keynote.

Activity: submit keynote structure

Week 4 - Prepare Performance

Overview: Implement feedback, together with learning how to use and develop visuals that capture and maintain the audience interested, while making the keynote memorable.

Activity: Submit keynote with visuals for feedback

Week 5 - Deliver Keynote

Overview: Learn how to prepare for delivery, improve the keynote, and how to dominate the performance for a confident and engaging delivery. As well as, how to apply the new skills in their daily work.

Activity: delivery of the keynotes in a "TEDx" style virtual event open for the company to watch their fellow teammates perform.

Week 6 - Scale Influence

Overview: Implement the feedback from your talk, understand you new skills, and internalize them by applying them to everyday life.

Activity: reflecting on the experience.


Inspiring Speaker Journey


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Apply The Frameworks

Develop a persuasive story that makes an impact.


Inspire Action

Communicate with empathy and clarity that inspires.

"We learned to communicate our idea, how to structure our message, how to influence the audience and get their attention. Out of 30 teams, we inspired the audience and won the competition thanks to this coaching"

Petar Ivanov


Inspiring Speaking Coaching Team

We believe your ability to communicate ideas effectively and inspire action has a direct influence in your career, success, and impact.

That's why we are on a mission to help professionals and their organizations grow their influence by transforming the way they communicate.

Through our signature Inspiring Speaking Accelerator program, we help you become the leaders that drive the changes our society needs.

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