A 6-Week Program For Freelancers Looking To Scale

Turn your expertise into a Unique Productized Offer that allows you to go from owning a limiting job to owning a scalable service business that gives you your time back, increases your income, and allows you to do more of the things you love.

If everything in your business depends on you

You don't have a business, you have a job...

We can help you change that.


Will Help You


  • Having a job that makes money only when you are working
  • Limiting your income by charging per hour
  • Being just an expense for customers pushing you to lower your prices
  • Losing money when going on vacation because of saying no to projects.
  • Growing a job that you can't sell or pass on
  • Inconsistent cashflow by only selling in between jobs


  • Deliver on projects without you having to be involved 
  • Having your income grow regardless of the amount of work you do
  • Have customers see you as a partner and an investment
  • Feel free go on vacation knowing that customers will be taken care of
  • Build a scalable business that can be sold if you want to
  • Focus on marketing and sales to build a stable cashflow.


Gives You The Life You Want

We help Freelancers, Agency Owners, Consultants go from feeling stuck in an overwhelming and limiting job to owning a scalable business that can deliver value without them so that they can...

Get Back Your Time

Redesign your business so it doesn't depend on you.

Stop Trading Time For Money

Earn based on the systems you build, not your schedule.

Become The Authority

Increase prices and get hired for your expertise.


Program Works

A proven system for service-based solopreneurs to package their expertise into a Unique Productized Offer that scales their service business.

Productized Video Agency

1. Define Your Offer

Go from a commoditized and generic service to a unique and profitable offer only you have.

Productize Your Service - Systemize Your Delivery Skills of Life

2. Develop Your Systems

Build the systems that allow you deliver your offer at scale with high-quality, replicable results.

Transition Out Of Delivery

3. Delight Your Customers

Provide such a rewarding experiences that gets customers to come back and refer you.


Program For?

Productized Service
  • You are a Freelancer, Agency Owners, or Consultant trying to grow your business for at least 2 years
  • You are stuck in selling your time or blurry packages that lead to client fire drills and scope creep.
  • You are struggling with capacity, the business has grown and now you need to start saying no to clients.
  • You are struggling to standout in the market, get clients to see you as an expert, and pay your prices.
  • You want to be able to go on vacation without having to lose projects by taking time-off.
  • You want to eliminate the inconsistency in your business, lower the stress, and be able to plan long-term.
  • You want to have an affordable, capable, and trustworthy team that is able to deliver without dropping quality.

This program is NOT for

  • Freelancers who want to produce super tailored work with the goal of applying for awards.
  • People who can't commit the time to attend the sessions, go through the materials, implement the frameworks
  • People who think they will transition out of delivery and will never have to work on their business again
  • People who are desperate and need somebody to help them save their business from closing
  • People who are just getting started and have never sold a client a service
  • People looking to use the program to turn their service into passive income
  • People looking to use the program to start a completely new service in an industry they don't have experience in
  • People who subcontract freelancers with the expertise required to deliver their current service to customers

You Should Also Know

This Program Is Expensive

Expensive in 2 ways, it will be an investment you do in yourself and your business and it will require you to do work... surprise surprise. At the same time, you will be asked to share your work for feedback and/or for sharing it with others.

How Is THE

Program Delivered?

  • You work directly with Juan and the team, helping you implement the framework into your business.
  • You get support and accountability to make sure you are consistent with the work and see the results you want.
  • You get dedicated feedback on your work to know you are doing it right.
  • Recordings of all the sessions so that you can always review the journey on your own schedule.
  • Tools, templates, and scripts to ensure you accelerate the implementation.
  • You get access to a private community of fellow freelancers so that you connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, allowing you to move faster.

Apply Now To Discover If The Program Is Right For You

If you are a service provider ready to transition from owning a limiting job to owning a scalable service business, go ahead and apply for the program by clicking the button below.

From there, you'll be asked a couple of questions about your business. 

And then, during your call we'll identify what's holding you back and develop a plan of action. If we see that we can help you, we'll let you know. If not, we'll point you in the right direction.