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Unleash The Power Of Your Story And See Your Business Grow

Courses and Workshops to help you simplify your message, tell your story, and increase sales without sounding having to be pushy.

Copyright Sebastian Kreuzberg

New Free Course

Simplify Your Message

This practical course will get you to eliminate confusion from your message, so that you develop the persuasive sales pitch that grows your business.

Copyright Tamás Künsztler

Self-Guided Masterclass

Storyselling Formula

This hands-on masterclass takes you by the hand, guiding you through the process of developing your inventory of stories, so that you can attract customers and make them see the value in your product.

Copyright Tim Norburn

2-Day Live Workshop

Storyselling Bootcamp

In this limited spaces, online workshop you'll work together with Juan to transform the way you sell your product by developing a powerful message together with the persuasive strategy to deliver it.

Want to have your community discover

The Power Of Purpose Storyselling?

If you are running a podcast, YouTube show, an accelerator program, business event or startup community, or employees, then see below to work with Juan.


From launching a new product to aligning your message throughout the organization, this 2-day, hands-on workshop will transform your employees into your largest sales team.

Event Moderation

Deliver an outstanding Demo Day that makes your program stand out to investors, partners, and future applicants.

With a solid track record, you can be sure your startups will deliver an engaging, easy to follow, and persuasive pitch, even if they are not the best presenters.

Event Moderation

Need an engaging moderator that not only will deliver an exciting and memorable experience, but also support you in delivering an event your partners will be excited to support and you proud to deliver.