Inspire Change Through Great Public Speaking

Poor public speaking skills have the power to hold you back both in your personal and your professional life.

Skills of Life helps you master your public speaking skills so that you can inspire and drive the change you want to see in the world.

Public speaking affects EVERYTHING you do, see, HEAR, AND feel.

Hard Work Is Worthless When Combined With Poor Public Speaking Skills

It doesn't matter if you have the best idea in the world, if you can't get people excited about it, that will be the end of it.

Your relationships, career, and business are automatically affected by your ability to communicate with others effectively. 

And to make things harder, your public speaking skills are influenced by your empathetic skills, your decision making skills, your self-awareness, and much, much more...


Inspiring Presentations Have The Power To Get You On The Path To Success

Cheap tricks, tactics, and games are forgotten as quick as they are learned. That's why our focus is on developing the skills behind effective communication.

It's when you grow your storytelling, presentation, empathetic listening skills that you'll see serious improvement in your life, career, and or business.

Build Stronger Relationships Faster

Better communication allows you to connect and build trust faster.

Attract More Business & Opportunities

People send you business when they understand what you do.

Inspire People To Change & Take Action

Make your messages relevant to your listeners and they will act.

Do Something You Love For A Living

Better results, better satisfaction and fulfillment from your work.

Reach More People With Less Effort

Ideas spread when people are able to connect with them.

Grow Non-Stop Personally & Professionally.

New input from others ensures you continuous improvement.


A Simple Yet Powerful Process

We all need that external perspective with the knowledge to show us the path to success

Book A Coaching Session With Juan

Select the package that fits your needs and goals the best.

Develop And Master An Inspiring Message

Learn to create and deliver powerful presentations.

Make An Impact, Grow Your Influence

Connect and persuade your listeners to take action.

About Juan.

It's not until you overcome your doubts, fears, indecision, etc. that begin to move forward.

I know this because life makes sure to remind me about it everyday.

Through courses, bootcamps, and coaching I help you master your presentation skills so you can build the life you envision.


Check Clients Say About Their Coaching

After my talk, several people came to me and told me that they were touched by it, which was really heart-warming for me, giving me the confidence that my talk was structured in a good way.

Sandra Noll

Founder, frames of life

Juan showed us how to structure our presentation, influence the audience and get their attention. Last but not least, our team became the winner of the competition out of 30 teams.

Petar Ivanov

co-founder, parknshare

Together, we successfully worked on our strategy & story and developed an awesome pitch. With his pitch deck, we already had great meetings with investors and more will follow soon!

Dimitrios Prodromou

Co-founder, humanizing technologies

A Few Ways I Can Help You

Something For Your Every Need

Skills of Life is a communication school for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Professionals committed to driving positive change while improving their lives.

Data Driven Storytelling

Turn data into information that is not only easy to understand, but more importantly, it pushes people to act.

Startup Pitching

From investors to customers, I help you create and deliver a message that gets you results.

Inspiring Storytelling

Get your audience going with a story that connects, builds trust, and inspiring them to take action.


Whether You Are Leading Teams, Doing Sales, Or Crunching Numbers Behind A Screen...

Regardless of your role, improving your public speaking skills will have a direct improvement in the quality of your life, your relationships, your work, and even your income.

It doesn't matter your industry or market, if you are an introvert or an extrovert, if you are terrified of the stage or not, every presentation is an opportunity to get ahead.




Become The Inspiring Leader Others Love To Have Around & Work With.

This free program will help you master your communication skills by giving you powerful strategies you can easily implement in your daily life, even if you are an introvert.