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Need support?

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Free Quiz: Find Out What's Holding You Back From Building Your Purpose Business

Take this free quiz to identify what's holding back your business and get a clear action plan on how to solve it.

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Become The Only Option For Your Customers

Discover how you can use the positioning techniques of large multinationals to your small service-based business.

  • Turn your service into an investment rather than an expense
  • Make it virtually impossible for them to compare you with others
  • Increase customer satisfaction, quality of your service, and even your prices!

Get People To Come To You Ready To Buy

There is a constant supply of people in need of your services, make it easier for them to find you and want to buy from you

  • Go from chasing customers to have them stand in line waiting to work with you
  • Get them to see you as an authority, follow your advice, and get the results you promised
  • Simplify your agency, get your time back and while making a bigger impact

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Here's How To Improve Your Business' Positioning Now

Great positioning allows you to frame your services in the mind of the customer as the only solution available to them.

Now, positioning is not something you automatically develop. It's the result of combining your marketing and sales efforts together with your business strategies, values, and operations.

And while positioning gives you a special place in the marketplace, as your business grows and changes, so does its positioning. Just change the price a little and now you are in a complete new market.

Luckily, each growth stage until your first million in revenue a year has been identified and its processes systematised.

This quiz will help you identify your stage, define your #1 positioning mistake and give you a clear plan of action to solve it so that you can bring your agency to the next level.

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What people are saying...

Anita Theil


With large established players, it was crucial for us to position our vision as the new way of doing business in an industry that is rapidly changing. Thanks to the quiz, we transformed our acquisition system and grew our client portfolio.

Roland Switli


The questions are so insightful that force you to look at your business from a different perspective allowing you to finally see what you are doing wrong and how to turn it around. Within days customers started to show up by themselves looking to buy. 

Stefan Bauer


With such a crowded space, positioning ourselves as the alternative for our clients was key to launching the business. Thanks to the quiz we were able to develop and implement a strategy that is growing our business.

We will never rent, sell or share your information - and you can unsubscribe at anytime.