Your ELEVATOR PITCH is the first thing customers hear

This New Webinar Helps You Develop A Persuasive Elevator Pitch

So that you get more customers to buy from you


Confused Customers Don't Take Action

You may have the best idea in the world but, if you can't communicate it clearly to your customers, that will be the end of it.

You work very hard to get in front of customers, the last thing you want is to waste your chance by overwhelming them with a confusing message.


Will Show You How To

Simplify Your Message

Eliminate all the clutter and confusion from your pitch.

Create Interest

Get your customers curious about your product before anything else.

Connect With Customers

Trust is essential for customers to follow through with your pitch.

Use Storytelling

Tell it with a story and you will keep people engaged.

Identify Your Customers

Not everybody is a customer with the same needs.

Persuade Customers

Inspire customers to see the value in your product

About Your Instructor.

Founder of Skills of Life, Juan believes that mastering your communication skills allows you to make the impact that drives our world forward.

Through courses, bootcamps, and coaching, he helps you master your public speaking skills so you can build the life you envision.


What They Are Saying

The Pitch Training was a fantastic opportunity to talk in front of an audience and get constructive feedback and improve the skills needed to attract attention to your idea. Thank you so much Juan for sharing your wisdom ??

Carina Zehetmaier


Pitch Training brings a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to unfold any doubts about their pitch and gain the needed confidence for when presenting in front of clients/investors. Honest feedback goes a long way to polishing your idea and this workshop is the place to get it.

Stoyan Staynov

Creative web engineer

The workshop was good. With the resources Juan introduced, not only I pitched my business idea better but also it helped me to write better motivation/cover letters because I learned how to catch the attention of people.

Neshat Ahmadi

social cognitive researcher

It was a great experience! Great idea and valuable content, thank you Juan Guerra! ?
I encourage everyone to come to take part in this training!

Maja Puškarić


The Pitch Training Workshop - Elevator Pitch

This Pitch Training Workshop focuses on giving you the tools to develop and deliver a persuasive elevator pitch.

Eliminate confusion, simplify your message, discover how to create interest, and move your audience to take action.

This workshop is great for anybody who needs to present ideas. Whether to build your personal brand or grow your business, it all comes down to how good you are at hooking your listeners.

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