2-day workshop for FREELANCERS

Productize Your Skills So You Earn More While Working Less

Create a scalable offer and client referral system for your business at the Productized Service Workshop

February 21st & 22nd, 2024





If you are a freelancer or agency owner tired of...

  • Feeling like every project starts from scratch?
  • Having to say NO to new customers because of no capacity?
  • Relying on word of mouth to generate clients leading to inconsistent cashflow?
  • Constantly dealing with client fire drills and scope creep?
  • Feeling like clients get to set your prices instead of you?
  • Client's hiring you to implement their vision and not your expertise?
  • Working nights and weekends to catch up with projects so you can get paid?
  • Feeling like you have little control over the business?

If yes, it's not your fault. At the Productized Service Workshop, we'll help you turn your skills and expertise into an offer that grows your business.

productized service workshop

Create a scalable productized offer and referral system for your business at the Productized Service Workshop

The Productized Service Workshop

Is For Freelancers Ready To Go


  • Limiting your income by selling your time
  • Every project starts from scratch
  • Constant client fire drills
  • Project scope creep
  • Dropping prices to win projects
  • Clients not seeing you as an expert
  • Everything depends on you
  • Losing money because of no capacity


  • Earning based on the systems you create 
  • Take back control of the business
  • Build systems that deliver value at a lower cost
  • Eliminate stress with a clear system
  • Command higher prices that people pay
  • Get hired for your expertise
  • Get time back while still growing
  • Increase capacity without adding hours


Running A Scalable Business

1. Register For The Workshop

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2. Package Your Skills Into A Scalable Offer

Develop a unique offer that increases your margins and drives word-of-mouth.

3. Earn More While Working Less

Run replicable systems that lower work load while increase service quality.

what you'll gain

From The Workshop

Command higher prices while lowering costs

The workshop will help you position your business as the authority in your niche while growing your brand, allowing you to increase your prices.

deliver more value with less work

By focusing in a clear niche, delivering the same service over and over, you will be able to simplify your processes while mastering value.

improve client experience and Word-Of-Mouth

With a well designed client experience based on replicable systems, not only makes clients come back, but also gets them to refer you with confidence.

INSTALL a clear marketing & sales System

Clarity in your niche and replicable process are the key to a solid marketing strategy that attracts ideal clients who are looking to buy from you.

CRAFT a plan to get out of client fulfilment

Go from feeling stuck, wondering if you should start another business to having the clarity and the vision on growing what you have already without having it take over your life.

gain back control over your business

Learn to set clear boundaries between your business and your life so that you get on the path to building the business and the lifestyle you always envisioned.



Day 1 (CET Times)

9:30 AM

Get 2 Know

10:00 AM

Workshop Starts

13:10 PM


13:50 PM

Workshop Continues

5:00 PM

Day Ends

6:00 PM

Closing Q&A

Day 2 (CET Times)

9:30 AM

Get 2 Know

10:00 AM

Workshop Starts

13:10 PM


13:50 PM

Workshop Continues

5:00 PM

Workshop Ends

6:00 PM

Closing Q&A

*Recordings of the sessions will be shared within a week of the workshop

About us

Meet Your Trainer

At Skills of Life, we believe it's unfair for self-employed to invest years of hard work and sacrifice, only to find out they never had a business they could sell but a job.

We are on a mission to help freelancers and agency owners turn their skills and expertise into scalable businesses that can serve clients without depending on them.

At the Productized Service Workshop you get to build the foundation that will allow you to go from owning a job to owning a business.


What People Say About Us

The workshop gave the structure that I needed. I just trusted the process and applied each step to my business, put together an offer and I already signed up my first monthly subscription client. Seeing how my vision expanded and my business grows made me calmer in my daily life.

- Maria Lazarova, Mimosa Design

Productized Service Workshop

If you want to transition from being part of operations in your company and want to be more focused on managing the business, this program will show you exactly what you should be doing!

- Anita Theil, Proquinn

Productized Service Workshop

I knew at some point I needed to have employees but for me the first thought was the responsibility I would have. What I didn't consider was how helpful it would be. Not only having the burden but now having the freedom for myself.

- Alex Rieck, Racket Media

Productized Service Workshop


Your Investment

This 2-day, hands-on workshop will be delivered online. You will be working in a group together with Juan.

Your Registration Includes:
  • Access to all training sessions
  • Access to all training materials
  • Live virtual group coaching
  • Templates and scripts
  • Access to the recordings
  • Private group workshop

Today just



what makes the productized service workshop so special?

It's All About The Hands-On Support.

On the workshop, you'll work directly with Juan to make sure you go home with a scalable and unique offer only you have and a customer delight system that increases word-of-mouth so that you can...

  • Stop competing on price and standout in your market with a unique offer
  • Launch a scalable and more valuable offer that requires less time to deliver
  • Position yourself as an authority allowing you to command higher pricing
  • Set the foundation of the systems that allow you to transition out of client fulfilment

Still Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for freelancers, agency owners, or consultants offering B2B services full-time for the last 2 years.

Whether you are a videographer, copywriter, ui/ux designer, graphic designer, social media marketer, digital marketer, community manager, event manager, SEO, and etc.

If you sell services around your skills and expertise to other companies AND you feel stuck in a limited job where everything depend on you and are looking to transition out of client fulfilment over the next 12 months, this is for you.

If you are ready to increase quality, improve the customer experience, drive word-of mouth

WHO this workshop is not for?

This workshop is not for people who want to continue doing custom work, tailored for each client or project. If you want to have every project start fully from scratch then this workshop is not for you.

If your goal is to submit documentaries to Cannes, win awards for your marketing campaigns, or sell 50k projects, this is not for you.

If you are not a B2B, solopreneur, providing done-for-you services, then this is not for you.

If you haven't started, if you are still an employee, or within the first year of self-employment, this is not for you. UNLESS you are very clear on the 1 problem you want to solve for 1 type of customer.

Will there be a replay?

Yes, all sessions are recorded and you will be private provided access to them. Please keep in mind that feedback and support is only provided during the 2 days of the workshop.

Can I join The workshop With Somebody?

Yes of course. Now if the other person wants dedicated feedback and support on their business, wants to get the materials, and access to the tools, they will need to get their own access.

What's the refund policy?

There are no refunds. All sales are final.

If you are reading this page is because you've found me on LinkedIn, this means you know the type of work I make, for whom it is, and what you can expect from it.

If you can't make it on the day of the workshop, you will have access to the replay and the private community group where you can ask questions, network, get feedback and support from other participants who attended the live sessions.

Are there other expenses besides the cost of the workshop?

Yes. We will provide you with the training, strategy, and knowhow but the tools that are needed to perform the systems are not included. The amount will depend on which tools you decide to go with in the end or whether you already use some of them.

Our goal is to make this as cost efficient as possible which is why we offer an in-house option that will cut down your costs considerably.

OKAY, I'm sold. What happens after I buy?

Once you buy, you will be given access to the student area where you will find your bonus materials and the rest of the thing you will need for the program. At the same time, you will be added to the corresponding workshop group where you can connect with other participants until finally the workshop dates arrive.

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Workshop dates: 21st and 22nd of February, 2024