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Productizing Your Service

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Skills of Life

On May 4th, 2021 at 6:30 am, my wife and I were getting in an Uber to rush to the hospital. The time had come, our first son was on his way.

As we get going, I messaged the team… guys it's happening. I will not make it today. 

Their answer? No worries, we got this.

Over the next year, we went on to deliver more than double the productions as the previous one.

And I didn't have to set a foot in any of them.

After so much trial and error, I had managed to get myself out of service delivery.

And more importantly, fall in love with the business again.

It had been such a struggle, back in March 2016 Facebook Live was launched. After hosting and delivering events in over 10 countries, I felt there was an opportunity to live stream events in Vienna.

Together with some friends we decided to give it a try. We started with iPads and Ikea bags, but unfortunately the team broke apart. So we all went our separate ways, but I decided to continue trying it.

Each year growing about 50% to 100% until finally in 2021 we broke in to the 6 figures, the same year my son was born.

As I transitioned out of delivery, and the team grew, something happened I didn't expect.

The quality of the service improved, profits increased, and word of mouth improved too.

Yes, there were hiccups in the beginning, but eventually, things improved so much that we had:

  • A client so amazed he wanted to invest in us. 
  • Another one asked us to talk to a service provider they had worked with because they seem they could “learn from us.” 
  • And other clients kept talking about how impressed they were with the quality.

I couldn't believe it!

After dreaming about it for so long, after so much struggle, and exhaustion. 

After resenting the business at one point and even thinking of closing it, we managed to do it.

Now, the business felt almost like passive income. 

We were growing and my hours and stress levels were actually dropping.

Unfortunately, most service providers don’t get the chance to experience this.

I’ve come across so many entrepreneurs that have told me that they tried it out and decided "it's not their thing."

You can feel their resentment, their frustration with their entrepreneurial experience.

It sucks.

So that's why I decided to dedicated myself to help service providers avoid that fate.

I mapped my journey, turned it into a system, and now offer it as a program.

I want service providers to finally start enjoying the freedom of time and money they so much dream of.

Instead of having to struggle with the uncertainty of "will I have to go back and get a job?"

The peace of mind that comes from the stability of seeing the system work without them.


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