A Belief That Made It Hard To Get Out Of Service Delivery

Juan Guerra // February 21  

For a long time, I believed that because the client hired me, I’m the one they trust and so I must be the one to deliver the service.

I’m the one with the experience and expertise. So I’m the one they want to work with.

Well, not true.

The clients didn’t buy you.

They bought the results you promised.

The only reason why it seems they want to work with me is that they feel that with me, they are more certain to achieve the results they want.

That’s it.

Yes, I have the experience and the expertise to deliver the results.

But, I thought that it was because of ME, the way I am. The way I make them feel.

And while these are very nice add-ons that improve the experience and the delivery.

That’s not what got them to buy in the first place.

They bought it because they wanted the results I offered.

How I deliver on them, they had no clue and probably couldn’t care less.

Not understanding made it hard to get out of service delivery for a long time.

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Why Is Hard To Get Out Of Service Delivery

As we start our business, we see our service as some kind of art we pour our hearts into.

Going out of our way to deliver the best experience and highest quality possible.

So naturally, we end up building an amazing service.

But as we grow, we start to feel like prisoners of our own success.

In the beginning, when we didn’t have many clients, it was ok.

We had the time to focus, we are learning, and we are unconfident so we compensate by overdelivering.

But with time, as more people start to show up, capacity is reached.

And now things start to look different to us.

On the one side, it has become our comfort zone.

We know what to do and how. And we enjoy it or at least used to enjoy it.

On the other side, it makes us feel wanted and important.

Imagine, we are so good nobody can do it like us. We are sort of this martyr who gives it all for the sake of the clients.

And then nothing like that praise at the end from the clients thanking us personally for the sacrifice and work.

But unfortunately, this is completely unsustainable.

Eventually, failing to get out of delivery limits our vision, performance, quality of life, health, relationships, and a lot more!

Forcing us to be constantly reacting to what’s happening.

Rather than making things happen for us.

So if you are committed to helping your clients in the long term, the best way to do so is by actually getting out of delivery.

You have to replace yourself.

As You Get Out Of Service Delivery

As you transition out of service delivery, the good news is that new clients will have no clue of things used to be.

How things are supposed to be for that matter.

Allowing you to reinvent yourself and your business entirely.

But, as for the old clients.

The old clients will make it hard.

They will make it hard for you, your employee, and if they can, for your new clients too.

You moving on means change for them. Uncertainty.

They don’t know how things will be with the new person.

They feel now they need to develop this whole new relationship with a stranger.

So much info they need to deliver to this person to get them up to speed.

They will try to reach out.

Undercut your new employee.

They feel entitled to deal directly with the boss.

Your moving feels like you’ve turned your back on them.

That you are succeeding and growing and they are not.

Now, not everybody will be like that.

Some will cheer you up.

Support you.

Give you feedback.

And even send you business.

But, also, some will leave.

That’s ok. Your business also needs that.

Taking Action

According to statistics, it takes about 2 years for somebody to fully perform at their job position.

That means they have experienced the vast majority of situations that will ever happen.

If you are around that time, given word of mouth, and marketing, you should be operating around full capacity.

If that’s the case, then it’s time to get help.

You want to do it before you reach full capacity.

Because getting somebody is going to involve new tasks for you.

New tasks mean there is a learning curve. Stress from getting out of your comfort zone. Recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, etc.

So don’t wait until you are at full capacity.

In the end, the faster you get out of service delivery, the faster you will be able to focus on bringing new clients in.

If you have been delivering the service for at least a year and a half, you know everything you need to get your replacement up to speed.

Get Out Of Service Delivery Before Even Starting

You are getting started and want to never be involved in service delivery?

That’s also possible.

But you will miss out on key insights that will help you scale your business.

Spending time in service delivery will help you build the foundation you need to grow the business you envision.

That first-hand interaction with clients as they experience the service is priceless.

Giving you crucial marketing content and sales content, but also the expertise to streamline processes.

Increasing quality, scalability, and profits.

There is a reason new CEOs spend time on the frontline. Talking to customers and employees, gaining those insights.

Some things you just can’t skip.

Think about the long-term benefits, give yourself a deadline, and execute it.

Now, it took me 4 years to get out of delivery.

It doesn’t have to take that long for you.

Whenever You Are Ready

If you are looking to get out of service delivery, this is how we can help you.

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