May 30

On The Journey to Success.

About 1hr ago I walked into Espresso House. It has been 5 hrs since I’ve been roaming the cold streets. Discovering this beautiful place has proven a bit more challenging than I had expected, though.

The slippery ice and constant freezing wind have been posing a constant threat to my tropical side since I arrived. But, the bright, white snow fades the sounds and beautifully covers the city, creating the silence and scenery that allows me to re-connect with myself.

The journey into 2015 started fast and I’m striving to make it awesome. Somehow, this week I’m in Norway.

The slight smell of the sea, the sound of the seagulls and the horns of the cruises; the electric cars, the beautifully dressed people, and the awesome Norwegian Ballet & Opera, it all seems to fit. Complementing each other brings the best side of the city and its people. It just feels nice, it’s a cool place to be. I just can’t believe that I’m here.

About 7 months ago I got my last income, I took my savings and decided it was time to finally start working on Fun Side of Life. As time moved by, things have been getting harder but I made a commitment to myself, I have a dream to achieve.

There is a reason why they are called dreams, right? Since then, the financial pressure has been slowly mounting as income from plans A, B, and C didn’t pull through. But I guess I had to come all the way to Norway to realize it.

Things are and will be stressful, hard, and rough but as you push your way to achieving your dreams, life will feed you little drops of success as you move forward. Make sure to enjoy them, to savor them because they are not supposed to come as often as you would like them to.

Disconnect from the stress and you will be able to see clearly and further. Escape from the prison of your concerned mind and understand that the challenges are only part of the process. After all, it’s not supposed to be easy; otherwise, everybody would go for it.

Worrying is exhausting and mind clogging. The worst thing is that at our age we are constantly worrying about our future and if we are making the right decisions. Stop being afraid of your decisions, trust yourself. The moment your fear goes away, you will gain control and things will begin to change.

From now on, I chose not to succumb to it. When you do what you love, make sure to be perseverant constant. As you grow with time, so it will be your craft and your business. Now I’m ready to get on with phase 2, I just have to remember to stop being afraid of following my heart.

As Viktor Frankl said after surviving 3 years in a concentration camp, we have the freedom to choose how we react to our environment, we either let it affect us or we do our best to make the most out of it. How do you choose to react to your environment?

Make sure to share in the comments below your story as you decided to go after a dream of yours, how was the journey there? Did you reach it? What did you learn from the whole experience?



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Juan Guerra

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