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Join a community of international entrepreneurs working to grow 6 figure businesses around their skills.

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Step-By-Step Program

Actionable Accountability

Community of Service Providers


in a different country, without a network, Limited Resources, and Cultural Differences...

But you know that already. Actually, you knew it before you even started and still did it! So you better be damn proud of yourself because we are!

but what if you could

Get the support and guidance

To help you go

  • From feeling alone, struggling to figure out the system, what works, and what doesn't
  • From not sure what your next step and focus should be strategically
  • From wishing you had a mentor to give you an external perspective or a partner to hold you accountable


  • To connecting with others, going through the same thing, sharing learnings, ideas, etc.
  • To having the clarity of a step-by-step process to growing and scaling a service business
  • To having a growing community of fellow immigrant entrepreneurs hustling to build on their vision

If this sounds like you, we get it. It's not your fault, you just chose a very tough road. And being in the middle of it makes it harder to see things. So let's get you on the path to building the business you always envisioned.

Now, if this looks too good to be true, it may be. It could be that this is not the right thing for you so let's keep on going...

What Exactly Is

Skills Of Life?

Is a community of international entrepreneurs coming together to to accelerate the process of growing a 6 figure business around their skills.

Combining community, support, accountability, and a clear step-by-step plan of action, this membership is focused on helping you grow by doing.

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This membership is

Perfect For Those Who

Are trying to grow a 6 figure business and...

  • Are living in a different country than the one they grew up in...
  • Your parents migrated to the country you grew up in....
  • You used to live abroad, now are back at home and miss it...

Then this is for you.


Join The Membership Program

Every membership comes with


Connect with other international entrepreneurs.

Live Q&A

Get answers to your most pressing questions

Live Masterclasses

On topics relevant to the community


Partnering with other members for consistency

On-Demand Courses

Relevant content to solve the problem at hand.


Tools, templates, and scripts to help you stay focused.

And much more...!

Get started now

The Process Is Simple

1. Become A Member

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2. Apply The Frameworks

Connect with members, implement systems

3. Grow Your Business

See your business, impact, and skills grow.

get the stability and Peace of mind to

Establish Yourself and help others

The road to business success is lonely and extremely challenging, but you don't have to do it all by yourself. Having a community of like-minded service providers will transform you, your business, and those around you.

At Skills of Life we are on a mission to lower the risk for international entrepreneurs who lack the local network and resources so that they can build the businesses that gives them stability and freedom.

Frequently asked questions

Is This A Paid Membership?

Yes it is. We want to make sure we are able to deliver to the standards we strive for with valuable programs that work. At the same time, we want to make sure only serious and committed people join, ensuring a great experience for everybody and increasing the chances of success.

What Payment Methods Can I use?

Credit Card, just click on the button above, select the offer that fits you best and enter your details.

Is There A Discount For Students?

No, at the moment there isn't a student discount.

Who Is This Membership For (And Who Shouldn't Join)?

The membership is for service providers who:

  • Are living in a different country than the one they grew up in
  • Their parents migrated to the country they grew up in
  • Used to live abroad for over a year and now they back at home but miss it.

And are trying to build a 6 figure service-based business around their skills and expertise.

Who shouldn't join the community?

If you are focusing on building a SaaS, eCommerce, food restaurant, or you are looking to fundraise from investors, then this community is not really for you. We just don't have the background and expertise to support your business.

Also, this membership is not for you if, you fit the description above but your service-based business is already making more than $100k in yearly revenue.

Do I Get 1:1 Dedicated Coaching When I Become A Member?

No, this service is not included in the membership. However, we do offer live Q&A where you can submit your questions.


  1. Start by clicking here,
  2. Enter your information and confirm your enrolment. 
  3. Check your inbox for the welcome email with the instructions and click on the link
  4. Enter your account details and access the members area


Yes you can, you are welcome to join us and are highly encouraged to share perspectives and insights.

Just keep in mind that the content and discussions are focused on supporting people who are building a service business in a country they are not from, which you may not find as relevant.