Why To Be A Successful Entrepreneur You Need To Be A Journalist First

Juan Guerra // November 23  

Starting a business is like jumping in a car and getting on the road without knowing how to drive or where to go.

You may have a vision of what you want to build but, chances are, your vision is flawed.

And that’s ok.

It’s normal.

Is flawed because you made your vision with incomplete information.

You used an assumption and limited knowledge about your customer and industry to define a destination for your business.

It sucks to hear that, and it’s even harder to accept. But, worse is to believe you will succeed without correcting your course.

So how do you correct the vision?

You keep on driving.

As long as you continue driving, you are learning.

And until you figure out what works, what is it that people think they need, you need to remain flexible.

Otherwise, you’ll waste time, energy, and money trying to force something to fit your “vision.”

Because eventually, you’ll get stuck in an alley too small for your car. It’s only when you remain flexible that you’ll be able to know to back out and go a different way.

Instead of trying to force your way through.

If you are not flexible with your vision, as a starting entrepreneur, that’s what you’ll do with your business.

Because in business, the equivalent of “keep on driving” is talking to people.

You don’t need to figure out the product, what you need to figure out is the message. The desires, pains, and wants of your target customers.

That is the hard part.

The hooks, the places where they gather, the stories that they connect with, etc.

That is the hard part because it happens outside of your comfort zone.

That is hard part because you need to understand people better than they understand themselves!

Figuring out the technology, or how the product looks like, etc. That’s easy once you know what you sell and to whom.

Unless you are launching rockets into space, the product is the easy part.

So be flexible with your vision.

Your role, in the beginning, is to forget about scalability, forget about all the people you can help.

And just narrow down on the target customer and the problem you solve for them.

Become a researcher, a journalist.

And learn to be ok with adapting your vision as you figure out what the product should be.

Adapting your vision doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

It doesn’t mean you were wrong.

It means you are growing, you’ve learned. It means you are on the path to building something relevant.

Once things start to work, then fix your vision and go all in.

But until then, believing you know how things should be, will just waste your time.

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