Why We Are On A Mission To Help Freelancers Transition Out Of Delivery

Juan Guerra // March 13  

If you are a freelancer who feels stuck in delivery, there is a moment you never expect to come. 

The moment a project gets delivered without you and the client is happy.

Well, after so much stress, hard work, and sacrifice, it finally happened to me. 

I was able to transition out of delivery and the feeling was out of this world.

To the point why today I’m on a mission to help freelancers transition out of delivery.

Whether you are operating at full capacity and have to say no to clients or are tired of dealing with…

  • Constant project changes that eat your profit
  • Working your magic to make things happen
  • Going out of your way to ensure everything goes above and beyond expectations. 
  • “We need this for yesterday”
  • “We need to do something about the price”
  • “We know what we need, we just need somebody to do it”
  • “We just need something small, something simple”

You know, all those things that little by little take away your motivation and push you into burnout.

Those things that can make you resent your business and decide to close down.


Those things are gone the moment you transition out of delivery.

And not only are they gone, but you also get to fall in love with the business all over again!

I know that because that’s what happened to me.

The Process To Transition Out Of Delivery

I was operating at full capacity and little by little my motivation began to fade away,

But something happened that allowed me to turn things around.

Get my time back, drop my stress, and grow the business.

What did I do to transition out of delivery?

2 key things.

1. Crushing my limiting beliefs 

2. Setting up the proper systems

And it’s a combination of the two that little by little things fell into place, and the transition happened.

By crushing my limiting beliefs I was able to change the way I saw the business and my relationship with it.

I was able to understand that if we were ever to grow, my role needed to change.

So every time I crushed a limiting belief, I was able to set up a system that unlock a new part of the business.

And so I just kept running that cycle as often as I could.

Why We Fail To Transition Out Of Delivery

The longer we are in business, the harder it is for us to see things in a different way.

To show this, I will take an example from one of my Master’s classes back at the University of Vienna.

Imagine a 4-way intersection.

Depending on the amount of traffic it gets, it may just have a yield sign. As traffic increases, they may add a stop sign.

If things continue to evolve, they may add a yellow or red light. Possibly expand it to include a turning lane. Eventually becoming a full traffic light.

If you notice the whole evolution of the intersection is based on its original concept. 

The only way that intersection would be turned into a roundabout is by a movement that would shock the original beliefs of the local people. 

Or complete total destruction and they need to start from scratch.

Otherwise, capacity is reached and they just accept it as the status quo.

The same thing happens in our businesses.

And so as I crushed limiting beliefs and develop systems we eventually reached a point where I didn’t need to be in delivery.

We managed to narrow down the scope of the service. Streamline delivery in a way that increased efficiency and quality.

On Mission To Give Freelancers Experience The Feeling

But as cool as that is, nothing like the feeling when you realize you are out of delivery.

A mix of satisfaction, fulfillment, and pride. A feeling of gratefulness to those around you.

That feeling when you can book a trip and know you will not lose any work because things keep on going.

It’s just incredible.

But it didn’t stop there. 

As things move on, I transition into a new role with a new perspective.

That’s when 2 things happened

On the one side, the business felt sort of like passive income. (It wasn’t but since now I had more flexibility and less stress, it felt like it).

And on the other side, seeing the people in our small grow is incredible. Seeing them take ownership and make decisions by themselves. 

Seeing them become masters of their work it’s just amazing.

But it’s when clients start to thank them for their work and not you that becomes the ultimate satisfaction.

When they thank your company, that’s when you know it happened.

That feeling is priceless.

And so that’s why I’ve made it my mission, to help freelancers experience that feeling.

I want to help them transition out of service delivery and get on the path to growing a scalable business. 

A service business that can run without them.

I know why they went on their own. 

Hoping to build a business that would give them the freedom of time, money, and place.

But somewhere along the way, they ended up stuck in delivery. 

This can be very frustrating and lead to resentment towards the business. 

That’s really tough.

So take action, identify your limiting beliefs, and start your transition out of delivery.

Not only you will be able to serve more people. But you will grow personally and professionally.

Whenever you are ready, here are 3 ways I can help you transition out of service delivery:

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