March 26

What Exactly Is Business Storytelling?

First spoken, then drawn, and now through every form of media, humans have been telling stories for ages

And yes, that includes TikTok.

But regardless of the medium or time in history, the goal has always been the same.

To pass on information from one generation to the other.

Which makes storytelling nothing more than sharing ideas through stories.

And in business, storytelling is no different.

What Is Business Storytelling?

Storytelling started to make its way into the business world back in the ’70s as a leadership style. A way for top management to communicate to employees.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see that it has taken over the business world.

And that’s because Business Storytelling can transform companies into leading, global brands.

The best part of all? Both big and small companies can take advantage of it.

But it’s the small businesses that are better positioned to use Business Storytelling.

Because Business Storytelling is all about adding a personal story to a business to make it persuasive

And that’s exactly where small businesses have an advantage over the big corporations.

Why Your Small Business Has The Advantage?

In most small businesses, startups, or even freelancers, the founder is present. This makes them tangible. It’s easy for customers, employees, investors to connect with them.

They are not some giant faceless corporation, instead, it’s Mike’s Bakery.

This means that as a business owner, founder, freelancer, your story is the story of your business.

They are one. And it’s those business owners who embrace it and share it that achieve great growth.

So don’t try to separate your story from the business, instead, use it and you’ll see results.

You can’t separate Bill Gates from Microsoft, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Steve Jobs from Apple.

And while those are trillion-dollar companies, we are attracted to them because of the story of their founders

We are fascinated by their struggle, their challenges, their genius, their wit.

But why?

Well, don’t you love it when you go to a restaurant and meet the owner?

Why do you think that is?

That’s because when they share their story with you, you feel as if you get to be part of that story.

You find connection points within their story and yours.

So look into your story, ask yourself, why did you start your business? Why do you love coming to work every day? What motivates you to keep going?

And go from there.

Make It Happen!

I would love to hear your story! So please share in the comment section below why did you start your business? What motivates you to keep on pushing forward?

Embrace it, share it, own it!

If you happen to know somebody who is working hard to grow their business, feel free to send them this post.

All the best,


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