Why It’s Important That Freelancers Transition Out Of Service Delivery

Juan Guerra // March 21  

The self-employed journey is an emotional roller-coaster that pushes many people to get off halfway.

It starts with jumping between delivery and sales, creating big cashflow problems and tons of stress.

Often putting us in a position where we have to take any client we can. Say yes to projects beyond our expertise. And rely on heavy discounting.

These are all things that stop the business from growing.

So if we survive this stage, we move on to the next one.

In this one, we now have to say NO to new clients.


Because now we don’t have the capacity to service them.

And while that sounds exciting, the reality is that in this stage we are even more stressed.

We can’t go on vacation because it costs us business.

Having more business costs us more time and life.

We feel unappreciated and borderline burnout.

Always putting out fires, constantly worried about quality, and if we are growing too fast.

So eventually, either the freelancer decides to close or they decide to whether through it.

Unless a realization takes place.

The realization we are the biggest bottleneck in our business.

And it’s only by removing ourselves from delivery that the business can continue to grow.

Opening the door to the next stage.

And its new challenges.

Now the worries are different.

They come from the need to build and manage a team.

From delivering a service without being part of it.

From making sure the money is in the account by the time payroll comes.

And the hardest part, redesigning the business.

So many self-employed decide to continue flying solo. They increase prices and work with fewer clients.

Great place to be in.

But for others (like me), the idea of building a business that can run without them has kicked in.

They want to build a business they can sell one day if they want to.

They no longer want to have a job.

They are ready.

Here is where our program comes in.

Helping them accelerate the transition, shortening years of trial and error.

Saving time and money while lowering risk.

But our biggest driver?

Seeing the person change their relationship with their business, with themselves, and with money.

Because the moment they step out of delivery, money is no longer created by their work but by the running of the systems they create.

Suddenly everything looks very, very, very different.

And once that happens, there is no turning back.

The world never looks the same again.

And that’s why we do it.

To the self-employed, the business suddenly feels like passive income.

Not because they don’t work anymore. But, because their earnings are no longer connected to and are limited by time.

They are limited by their capacity to create systems that deliver value.

The impact of that on somebody’s life. In somebody’s family and community, is priceless.

Whenever you are ready, here are 3 ways I can help you transition out of service delivery:

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